House Prosecutors Use Inflammatory Rhetoric to Accuse Trump of Incitement

The House impeachment managers on Tuesday released a written brief of their case against former president Trump. The main charge the Democrats have against Trump in next week’s Stalinist show trial is that his use of inflammatory language is tantamount to a call for violence. It is beyond ironic and hypocritical then that in its brief that the House managers used extremely inflammatory language (highlights added) in its own arguments:

The only honorable path at that point was for President Trump to accept the results and concede his electoral defeat. Instead, he summoned a mob to Washington, exhorted them into a frenzy, and aimed them like a loaded cannon down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The only honorable path: the house prosecutors would have us believe that publicly stating one’s honest beliefs is now dishonorable. They actually have the audacity to state that even if Trump’s belief that he won the election was true, it would not be a defense:

His belief that he won the election—regardless of its truth or falsity (though it is assuredly false)—is no defense at all for his abuse of office.

Summoned a mob … exhorted them into a frenzy … aimed them like a loaded canon: these terms are blatant appeals to emotion, not sober legal arguments. Using the House managers’ own logic as applied to Trump’s speech, these statements could be interpreted as incitement to violence.

This passage is only one of many in the brief that makes an emotional appeal. For example, the House managers would also have us believe that asking Congress to use its constitutional authority to examine the legality of the selection of electors is equivalent to advocating for overthrowing the government:

No one would seriously suggest that a President should be immunized from impeachment if he publicly championed the adoption of totalitarian government, swore an oath of eternal loyalty to a foreign power, or advocated that states secede from and overthrow the Union.

In the brief, the House managers spend many pages discussing the rhetoric that Trump used in his speech on the Ellipse on January 6 and try to connect this to the actions of the mob that swarmed the Capitol. This despite the fact that actions at the Capital occurred 20 minutes before Trump had finished his speech.

The brief tries to deal with problem by saying the riot was started by an “early wave” who left the speech before it ended. But the Ellipse is some 1.5 miles away from the Capitol, a 30-40 minute walk. Thus the attack on the Capitol would have been made by protesters who left Trump’s speech at least an hour before its end.

This timeline shows that Trump’s speech could not possibly have been the trigger of the assault on the Capitol, which begs the question of how can the House managers plausibly claim it was Trump’s exhortations created the frenzy in the crowd that led to breech of the Capitol?

The answer is that they can not logically make that connection.

The brief also uses the terms “insurrection” and “armed mob” numerous times. Calling the assault on the Capitol an “insurrection” is a gross overstatement of what occurred. However unruly it was, there has been no evidence presented that the rioters at the Capitol intended to overthrow the government.

As for “armed mob,” this assertion is an outright lie. The House managers do not cite a single example of anyone at either the speech on the Ellipse or the mob at the Capitol being armed.

So why is the House managers’ brief laden with so much inflammatory language of the type that they themselves condemn? It is because it is designed to appeal to the emotions of Senators and the American public rather than to present a logical case. They need to obscure the fact that there is no basis to the claim that Trump incited an insurrection against the government of the United States.

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Twitter Censors Factual Description of Transgenderism

Our techno overlords are now censoring factual descriptions of transgenderism, claiming that neutral descriptions are now ‘hate speech.’ On January 24, Twitter locked the account of the Catholic World Report (CWR), a respectable Catholic media outlet and a publication of Ignatius Press, for ‘hateful conduct.’

The alleged ‘hate speech’ was a January 19 tweet posted by CWR journalist Matt Hadro that said:

Biden plans to nominate Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological man identifying as a transgender woman who has served as Pennsylvania’s health secretary since 2017, to be HHS Assistant Secretary for Health. Levine is also a supporter of the contraceptive mandate.

There is nothing hateful in the this tweet, which simply gives a factual description of Dr. Levine’s sexual identity. Carl Olson, editor of CWR, said: “It seems evident that Twitter’s focus is the description of Levine as a ‘biological man identifying as a transgender woman.’ Since Levine is ‘transgendered,’ it’s curious as to why Twitter would think it harmful or hateful to note what Levine is ‘trans-gendering’ from or to.”

The radical Left is using its power to suppress reality, forcing its users to conform with the latest Newspeak definitions. We are not allowed to note that Dr. Levine is in truth a biological man. We are to ignore science and will be forced to accept the false premise that men who suffer from gender dysphoria are truly women, that so-called ‘trans women’ are women.

This a descent into tyranny, where we forced to repeat lies in public that we know in our hearts to be false. The tyrants do not care if we really believe what we are forced to say, only that we willingly repeat these falsehoods.

Political ideology now trumps science. Words are to have no fixed meanings. Common and factual meaning of words are now to be subordinated to the political agenda of the totalitarian ruling class. Welcome to the world of George Orwell’s 1984.

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Susan Rice to Lead in Institutionalizing Biden’s Racist Agenda

On Friday, Michael Barone wrote column in the New York Post that highlights Joe Biden’s pick of Susan Rice, who had disgraced herself by lying to multiple Sunday-shows about the Benghazi terrorist attack, to institutionalize the racist Critical Race Theory into all aspects of Federal policy. With Rice’s appointment, it is now the official position of the Biden regime that people should be categorized and judged by their race.

On Tuesday, six days into Joe Biden’s administration, it became clear why Susan Rice, hitherto a foreign-policy specialist, was named director of the Domestic Policy Council. Rice — unconfirmable for a Cabinet post after her unembarrassed Sunday-show lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack — ventured into the White House press room to preview Biden’s “equity” initiative.

Barone rightfully points out that the new regime’s emphasis on ‘equity’ has nothing to do with the traditional American notion of equality of opportunity but, instead, is a code word for government-imposed quotas for racial minorities and other government-favored social groups.

But for Rice and Biden, “equity” requires not equality of opportunity but equality of results. That’s one of the fundamental tenets of critical race theory training banned by outgoing Trumpites and reinstated by Biden on Day 1.

As I wrote in my intitial post, this anti-liberty perspective perverts the role of government from one that aims to protect American liberty to one that administers social justice. We are not to be left to run their own lives, but rather we must be controlled in order to properly balance the rights and privileges of various favored or disfavored social groups. This reduces the American people from being free citizens to being subservient subjects of the State. A government that is run on these principles is a direct attack on American liberty.

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NBC News Censors Guest to Cover Up NY Gov. Cuomo’s Role in Coronovirus Failure

The establishment media continues to prove that it is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and not a reliable source of information. Modern ‘journalism’ now sees its role as shaping public opinion rather than informing the public. This includes suppressing any information that is contrary to the approved narrative.

One of the most scandalous recent examples of this has been the media’s cover up of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous, if not criminal, nursing home decision that led to at least 11,000 coronavirus deaths in the state.

In March, Cuomo signed a directive requiring nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients. That directive, which was contrary to CDC guidelines, was later deleted from the New York State Department of Health website to hide the governor’s role in the nursing home deaths.

In a tweet on Saturday, Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both of her in-laws to the coronavirus in New York nursing homes, charged NBC News with muzzling one of her friends to protect the reputation of Cuomo:

So @NBCNews @LesterHoltNBC @TODAYshow censored one of my friends who lost a loved one in a nursing home. She wanted to say ‘@andrewcuomo failed us’ in the interview and they told her to say ‘New York failed us’ instead. The mainstream is STILL protecting this guy. Disgusting.

In a follow-up tweet, Dean called NBC anchorman Lester Holt a “disgrace” for his role in suppressing the criticism of Cuomo:

Shame on you @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNews @TODAYshow. New York State did not fail us. The governor, his administration and his health department FAILED US. You are a disgrace to all families. Just like @andrewcuomo.

This latest journalistic outrage comes after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report, largely ignored by the establishment media, that showed that the state underreported coronavirus deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50 percent.

Instead using the NY attorney general’s report as an opportunity to examine Cuomo’s role in the nursing home disaster, the establishment media provided Cuomo with sympathetic TV interviews where he was allowed to place the blame on the federal government.

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Leftist ‘Unity’ Results in Literary Agent Being Fired for Merely Having Parler and Gab Accounts

The Left’s cancel culture has now expanded to point that you do not even have to be accused of ‘hate speech’ to have your life destroyed. Now just refusing to be confined to the Left’s Orwellian echo chambers will get you fired from your job.

Newsweek reported this week that a literary agency based in New York City fired one of its employees after her use of free-speech social media sites Parler and Gab was discovered. The employee was not fired for anything she said, but just for her mere presence on Parler and Gab.

In a statement released on Twitter, the literary agency actually had the audacity to claim that its repressive action was in the cause of unity, equality, and social justice:

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency was distressed to discover this morning, January 25th, that one of our agents has been using the social media platforms Gab and Parler. We do not condone this activity, and we apologize to anyone who has been affected or offended by this. The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency has in the past and will continue to ensure a voice of unity, equality, and one that is on the side of social justice.

This is just a flavor of the ‘unity’ that we can expect in Uncle Joe’s America. What will be the next justification that the Maoist Red Guards on the Left will use threaten someone’s employment in the name of ‘unity’? Being spotted wearing a MAGA hat? Attending a Republican political rally? Attending Church?

I’m old enough to remember when the Left claimed to be all about ‘tolerance.’ But that was always a facade, only for when they were the ones on the outside. Now that they control all of the commanding heights of political and economic power in this country they can afford to let the mask fall and expose to us that the Left in America, just as it is elsewhere, is not based on persuasion but on repression.

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Ex-FBI Lawyer Who Altered Russia Hoax Evidence Given Slap on the Wrist by Obama-appointed Judge

In today’s sentencing hearing, US District Judge James Boasberg, an Obama appointee, sentenced former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service for altering an email during the Russia investigation that was used to justify the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Last summer Clinesmith pleaded guilty to falsifying an email from the CIA to show that Page was “not a source” for the CIA, even though the original message from the CIA said that he was a source. The CIA had earlier told investigators in a memo that Page was an “operational contact” for the agency from 2008 to 2013 and provided information about his contacts with Russian intelligence officers.

Federal prosecutor John Durham, who was appointed by former Attorney General William Barr to review the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation, had recommended a sentence of three to six months imprisonment to “send a message that people like the defendant—an attorney in a position of trust who others relied upon—will face serious consequences if they commit crimes that result in material misstatements or omissions to a court.”

By giving Clinesmith such a lenient sentence, Boasberg sent a message that he does not see falsifying evidence given to the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court as a serious offense.

Since Boasberg also serves as the Presiding Judge of the FISA Court, he effectively gave deep state actors in the FBI and DOJ a green light to continue their abuse of this secretive tribunal. As a result, we can expect the Biden regime to double down on using our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to target its political opponents.

Instead of holding Clinesmith to account for the fraud that he perpetuated against the FISA Court, Boasberg displayed sympathy for Clinesmith, noting all the bad outcomes Clinesmith has endured as consequences of the actions he knowingly took.

“[He] lost his job, and his government service is what has given his life much of its meaning,” Boasberg said Friday. “He was also earning $150,000 a year and who knows where the earnings go now. He may be disbarred or suspended from the practice of law, you may never be able to work in the national security field again. These are substantial penalties.”

Boasberg added: “What is more, he went from being an obscure career government lawyer to standing in the eye of a media hurricane. He has been threatened, vilified and abused on a nationwide scale.”

At the sentencing hearing Clinesmith also continued to show no remorse for either the damage that he did to either Page specifically or to the United States in general. Instead, he portrayed himself as the victim:

Altering the email has forever changed the course of my life. I have lost the means to provide for my growing family…lost the ability to give back to my nation… the shame and remorse will stay with me forever.

One can not help but notice the disparity between the harsh treatment that federal prosecutors and judges have given to Trump associates caught up in the Russia Hoax, for example General Flynn, and the lenient or no consequences meted out to those who knowingly participated in this hoax.

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Sen. Schumer Calls on Biden to Assume Dictatorial Powers

The Democrat’s program to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with a presidential dictatorship continues at a dizzying pace. During an interview aired on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that “it might be a good idea for President Biden to call a climate emergency.” Because this would allow him to “do many, many things” without legislation.

Here we have member of the US Senate, and not just any member but the Senate Majority Leader, asking the president to bypass Congress and to create new laws via executive action. Under the guise of a ‘climate emergency,’ Biden could use dictatorial powers to completely rearrange the economy of this country without any input from either Congress or the American people.

This would be in addition to the more than 30 executive orders, an order of magnitude greater than any previous president, that Biden has already issued in the first days in office. These executive orders go well beyond just regulating operations of executive departments but instead are setting public policy that should be determined by Congress.

Just a reminder, here is what the Constitution says about how this country’s laws are to be made:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Article I, Section 1, U.S. Constitution
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Biden Moves to Pack the Supreme Court

During the 2020 presidential election campaign Joe Biden said that he was “not a fan” of packing the Supreme Court. In 2019 he said that he was opposed to the idea. That was then, this is now. Now that he has been safely installed as president, Biden is abandoning his past public statements and moving forward to take control of the only institution left to check to the Democrat’s consolidation of power.

Politico reported yesterday that the Biden administration is creating a ‘bipartisan’ commission to ‘study’ reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary. The commission will be housed under the purview of the White House Counsel’s office and filled out with the behind-the-scenes help of the Biden campaign’s lawyer Bob Bauer, who will co-chair the commission.

We all know where there is going. The speed at which this commission is being set up is a sign that it is just a fig leaf to give legitimacy to decision that was already made shortly before the election when Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court. It is mark of the cowardice and duplicity of Joe Biden that he wasn’t honest about this during the campaign.

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Biden Regime Equates Political Opposition to Terrorism

The Biden regime is now linking opposition to its dystopian political agenda to terrorism. Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin warning of a “heightened threat environment across the United States.” What is remarkable about this warning is that DHS also said that department “does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot.”

So if DHS does not have any intelligence to support this warning, why did they issue it? According to the bulletin, the department is:

concerned that individuals frustrated with the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances and ideological causes fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize a broad range of ideologically-motivated actors to incite or commit violence.

DHS went on to specify anger over COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and opposition to [illegal] immigration as drivers to the increased potential of violence. In other words, the Biden regime is now saying that political views of Trump voters have turned them into violent extremists.

To give its timing of this ‘warning’ a facade of credibility, the DHS linked this ideological discontent to the the violent riots that have occurred recently. The riots that have occurred in Portland and Seattle in the past week, however, were done by far-left Antifa and BLM extremists, not by Trump supporters. This is classic disinformation were ‘facts’ are twisted to justify state-sponsored propaganda.

Now that DHS has equated Trump supporters to domestic terrorists, we can expect the Biden regime to use it as a justification to suppress its political opponents. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the press:

The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat. The Biden administration will approach this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.

Psaki’s statement follows former CIA Director John Brennan preview last week how the Biden regime will use the threat of domestic terrorism to mobilize the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies to root out its political opponents:

I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed, are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of a country, and they gain strength, and it brings together an unholy alliance, frequently, of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians. … And so, I really do think that the law enforcement, Homeland Security, intelligence, and even defense officials are doing everything possible to root out what seems to be a very, very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic.

How far will they take this? Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Sunday warned that Brennan’s definition of domestic terrorism will be stretched to target anyone who opposes the current government:

What characteristics are we looking for as we are building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about? Religious extremists, are we talking about Christians, evangelical Christians, what is a religious extremist? Is it somebody who is pro-life? Where do you take this?

You start looking at obviously, have to be a white person, obviously likely male, libertarians, anyone who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally… A targeting of almost half the country…

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Biden Endorses Political Show Trial of Leader of the Political Opposition

Newly installed President Joe Biden came out in favor of conducting a political show trial of former President Trump. In an interview with CNN on Monday, Biden said that the trial of Trump in the US Senate “has to happen.” His remarks came the same night that Trump, now a private citizen, announced the creation of the ‘Office of the Former President.’ Trump will use the Office to continue his push of his pro-American agenda and to fight the fascist and racist policies of the Biden regime.

Donald Trump remains the most formidable opponent to the dystopian agenda being pushed by radicals now in charge of Washington. A hypothetical “Patriot Party” led by former President Donald Trump would win the support of almost a quarter — 23% — of the electorate, bumping the GOP down to third place with just 17%, according to a new Just the News poll with Scott Rasmussen

The timing of Biden’s about face on weighing in on the Senate ‘impeachment’ of Trump is a clear indication that he recognizes the danger that Trump’s continued presence in political arena has on the ability of Left to control the political dialogue in America. Biden is sacrificed any pretense of ‘unity’ to unleash a ‘two minutes hate’ against citizen Trump.

Biden’s about face also exposes how weak he is at resisting the radicals in his own party. According to CNN, Biden’s aides abandoned any idea of slowing or trying to manage the impeachment when they became aware that trying to do so could divide Democrats. If Biden is unable to set the direction of the party on a major issue such as this, is he really the leader of the party?

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