American Liberty is Under Attack

Two hundred and forty-five years ago the founders of this country pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish a country based on the fundamental principle that Governments are instituted to protect the rights of their citizens. The Declaration of Independence, America’s founding document, specifically mentioned the rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. What all of these rights have in common is that they acknowledge that God created us as free individuals. That as long as we are not infringing on the rights of others we are free to live our lives as we choose, beholden to no one else. Any properly formed Government would thus be small, interfering into the lives of its citizens as little as possible.

Today, however, this pro-liberty orientation is being challenged by anti-liberty forces who want to substitute fundamentally different principles for the Government of this country. They falsely claim that the driving spirit of this county is not 1776, but instead is 1619, when the first black slave arrived in Virginia. The entire history of this country, in their eyes, has been one of repression. This is a neo-Marxist outlook, largely substituting race for class in the original Marxist construct, but also including intersecting and overlapping vectors of repression based on other social identities, such as gender and sexuality. We are not to be viewed as individuals, but rather solely a members of various social groups.

This anti-liberty perspective perverts the role of Government from one that aims to protect American liberty to one that administers social justice. We are not to be left to run their own lives, but rather we must be controlled in order to properly balance the rights and privileges of various favored or disfavored social groups. This reduces the people from being free citizens to being subservient subjects of the State. A Government that is run on these principles is a direct attack on American liberty.

Most worryingly, the start of 2021 is showing signs that the anti-liberty forces in America are determined to ruthlessly consolidate their power so they can further their dreams of fundamentally transforming the country to fit their dystopian views. A totalitarian political party has now openly joined forces with large corporations to the impose their will on what they regard as a backward people. Big Tech, in particular, is doing the bidding of the Democrat Party to ensure dissenting views are purged from public forum. Other large corporations, such as airlines, banks, credit card companies, are being pressured to withhold their services from people who challenge this oppression. They may call it democracy or even social-democracy, but there is another word that more properly describes this mode of government, which is fascism.

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