Twitter Censors Factual Description of Transgenderism

Our techno overlords are now censoring factual descriptions of transgenderism, claiming that neutral descriptions are now ‘hate speech.’ On January 24, Twitter locked the account of the Catholic World Report (CWR), a respectable Catholic media outlet and a publication of Ignatius Press, for ‘hateful conduct.’

The alleged ‘hate speech’ was a January 19 tweet posted by CWR journalist Matt Hadro that said:

Biden plans to nominate Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological man identifying as a transgender woman who has served as Pennsylvania’s health secretary since 2017, to be HHS Assistant Secretary for Health. Levine is also a supporter of the contraceptive mandate.

There is nothing hateful in the this tweet, which simply gives a factual description of Dr. Levine’s sexual identity. Carl Olson, editor of CWR, said: “It seems evident that Twitter’s focus is the description of Levine as a ‘biological man identifying as a transgender woman.’ Since Levine is ‘transgendered,’ it’s curious as to why Twitter would think it harmful or hateful to note what Levine is ‘trans-gendering’ from or to.”

The radical Left is using its power to suppress reality, forcing its users to conform with the latest Newspeak definitions. We are not allowed to note that Dr. Levine is in truth a biological man. We are to ignore science and will be forced to accept the false premise that men who suffer from gender dysphoria are truly women, that so-called ‘trans women’ are women.

This a descent into tyranny, where we forced to repeat lies in public that we know in our hearts to be false. The tyrants do not care if we really believe what we are forced to say, only that we willingly repeat these falsehoods.

Political ideology now trumps science. Words are to have no fixed meanings. Common and factual meaning of words are now to be subordinated to the political agenda of the totalitarian ruling class. Welcome to the world of George Orwell’s 1984.

Nancy Pelosi stumbles over her attempt to neuter the language

It was less than a month ago when Nancy Pelosi decided it was a good idea to eliminate all gendered references, such as mother and father, from the language used in the House of Representative. As you can see from this video posted on Not the Bee, this plan is not going well as she breaks her own house rules about gendered language six times in less than 10 seconds. Will the official Newspeak Dictionary have to be revised again? It will be interesting to see if she will continue to enforce this insane rule or let it quietly drop away.