Susan Rice to Lead in Institutionalizing Biden’s Racist Agenda

On Friday, Michael Barone wrote column in the New York Post that highlights Joe Biden’s pick of Susan Rice, who had disgraced herself by lying to multiple Sunday-shows about the Benghazi terrorist attack, to institutionalize the racist Critical Race Theory into all aspects of Federal policy. With Rice’s appointment, it is now the official position of the Biden regime that people should be categorized and judged by their race.

On Tuesday, six days into Joe Biden’s administration, it became clear why Susan Rice, hitherto a foreign-policy specialist, was named director of the Domestic Policy Council. Rice — unconfirmable for a Cabinet post after her unembarrassed Sunday-show lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack — ventured into the White House press room to preview Biden’s “equity” initiative.

Barone rightfully points out that the new regime’s emphasis on ‘equity’ has nothing to do with the traditional American notion of equality of opportunity but, instead, is a code word for government-imposed quotas for racial minorities and other government-favored social groups.

But for Rice and Biden, “equity” requires not equality of opportunity but equality of results. That’s one of the fundamental tenets of critical race theory training banned by outgoing Trumpites and reinstated by Biden on Day 1.

As I wrote in my intitial post, this anti-liberty perspective perverts the role of government from one that aims to protect American liberty to one that administers social justice. We are not to be left to run their own lives, but rather we must be controlled in order to properly balance the rights and privileges of various favored or disfavored social groups. This reduces the American people from being free citizens to being subservient subjects of the State. A government that is run on these principles is a direct attack on American liberty.

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  1. Dan Manturi

    Susan Rice should be hiding under a rock after her Benghazi performance. But she is back and likely pulling a lot of Biden’s strings. I believe she is an Obama plant and will influence Biden strongly – just wonder who is really behind all this.


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