New York Times Caught Publishing Lies About 2020 Election

The New York Times continues to publish fake news about President Trump’s reaction to the election fraud in the 2020 election. Margot Cleveland of The Federalist reports in her artlcle NYT Lies About Trump Again With Claim He Pushed DOJ To Declare Election ‘Corrupt’ that the New York Times took selective quotes from the notes of a DOJ official on a meeting between then-President Donald Trump and acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue to craft a false narrative of Trump attempting to pressure the DOJ to disregard the department’s own conclusion that the voter fraud claims were false and to “just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and congressional allies” to overturn the election.

The full transcript, as the New York Times very well knew when it published its fraudulent story, shows that Trump’s statement was actually in response to Mr. Donaghue saying that even if after the DOJ investigated the claim that there were more ballots cast in Pennsylvania than registered voters and found this to true, the DOJ would not be able to change the results of the election. As Ms. Cleveland explains:

“This context changes everything. Trump didn’t tell his acting attorney general and deputy AG to ignore the department’s conclusion that there was no fraud and to instead announce to Americans that the election was corrupt, leaving it to him and his “congressional allies” to overturn the results of the election. Rather, Trump wanted the DOJ to make that announcement following confirmation that more ballots were cast in Pennsylvania then there were registered voters.”

The New York Times knows all this, but instead deliberately decided to deceptively write the story to misinform its readers. It is a sad fact that the truth no longer matters for too many of today’s “journalists.” Instead, the “narrative” is king. Instead of enlightening the public, the establishment media now endeavors to keep the public in the dark. For them, the Washington Post’s motto of “Democracy dies in darkness” is not a warning , but a mission statement.

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