The ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America into a Fascist Despotism Speeds Up

The Democrats “fundamental transformation” of America from a constitutional republic into a fascist despotism is speeding along at a dizzying pace. It has been only three weeks since Joe Biden was installed as president, but it seems a lifetime ago considering all of the damage that he and his fascist allies have wrecked on this nation.

In contrast to the hollow claims of the Left that Donald Trump was a dictator, the Biden regime is actually undoing more than two centuries of political norms to criminalize political dissent and to destroy the liberties that our Founding Fathers fought to preserve. The following list of links are just the latest headlines on this drive toward despotism.

Biden has bypassed the constitutional order for legislation by issuing a record number of executive orders and actions. This despite the Democrats having control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, which gives Biden the full ability to move his radical agenda through legislation. The reckless speed of these actions is clear evidence that Biden and his handlers fear that their radical policy agenda will suffer if given full exposure in Congress.

The Democrats are transforming a constitutional process to remove a sitting president into an unconstitutional bill of attainder to prevent a private citizen from running for elective office and to undermine the right of American voters from choosing their leaders. The Democrats’ charge that Trump was “singularly responsible” for the mayhem in the Capitol has been exposed as a farce as more information comes to light that it was pre-planned.

The Democrats are pushing for a fundamental transformation of the U.S. military from apolitical force dedicated to protecting the nation’s security from foreign threats to a politically reliable force that can be unleashed against whoever the regime labels as “domestic extremists.” This is perhaps the most dangerous threat to Liberty in the Democrats’ relentless drive to despotism.

The Democrats are now brazenly calling for the blacklisting of political opponents from government employment and censoring their speech by labeling them as “extremists.” The Left has no embarrassment for its drive to openly politicize the civil service. Suppressing the circulations of dissenting voices has been one the basic tools of despotism since time immemorial.

The Democrats are fundamentally transforming American schools from institutions of education into tools of political indoctrination. We can expect the Biden’s Department of Education in the not too distant future to make the racist Critical Race Theory and the ahistorical 1619 Project part of the required curriculum in public and private schools.

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3 Replies to “The ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America into a Fascist Despotism Speeds Up”

  1. Ray

    Love these articles, and robust references, keep up the good work. On another note, I am also expecting my electric bill to go through the roof at some point, so I better start looking at generating my own power through solar and other means to hedge against more fascist policies that force out cheap producers of electric power.

  2. Dan Manturi

    This is an outstanding piece and distills all of my fears and concerns. The words uttered by Barack Obama in 2008 were troubling enough, but it is clear that the plan was going to roll out. The FBI – obviously NOT an impartial body – who gave Hillary a pass for grievous security offenses yet pursued Trump based on a dossier known to be false was outrageous and yet, they got away with it. As I have said before, does anyone think Biden has any idea what he is signing? Does anyone think he had any part in crafting these orders? America is now turning on a dime and I have to think that the “cabal” put in place to “save democracy”, along with Obama and his plant, Susan Rice, have been working behind the scenes for years on these, waiting for this moment. Your examples on the military are of immense concern. The bottom line is, it seems the Democrats can run rampant over the constitution and American liberties. The conservatives seem ineffectual or powerless. Media plus tech plus educator have succeeded and I see no road back. Thank you for crystalizing these issues.


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