Tracking the Infection of Critical Race Theory in Higher Education

As I have written before, Critical Race Theory has become the central doctrine in the Democrats’ push to fundamentally transform the United States from a constitutional republic dedicated to protected the rights and liberties of Americans into a despotic fascist state where the government uses its coercive powers to distribute benefits and privileges among officially favored and disfavored social groups.

The far left disguises this toxic doctrine as an outgrowth of the civil rights movement by using words such as “equity” (i.e. equality of outcomes rather instead of equality before the law and equality of opportunity) and “diversity and inclusiveness” (i.e. racial quota instead of color blindness). But where the civil rights movement sought to work inside the American political system to expand the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, the goal of critical race advocates is to tear down the very foundations of American liberal democratic order.

Critical Race advocates are actively harnessing higher education to indoctrinate young Americans in its racist ideology. Critical Race Theory, which started out as a neo-Marxist movement in academia, is now being pushed as mandatory “anti-racist” training for students, faculty, staff throughout higher education.

Fortunately, the Legal Insurrection Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educate and inform the public on the Constitution and liberty, has created a new website, to inform parents and students on the spread of Critical Race Training on American campuses. The website includes a database of over 200 colleges and universities, expected to be expanded to 500 in a matter of months, that details how Critical Race Theory is infecting all aspects of higher education.

The website also provides resources for people to learn what is Critical Race Theory is and how it translates into campus action. It includes a resource page with links to a wide range of critiques of Critical Race Theory and Training.

Critical Race Theory is a racist ideology that is not compatible to American liberty. This new website is an important tool in the struggle to preserve the blessing that our Founding Fathers gave to us in 1776.

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