Today’s Media: All the Disinformation Fit to Print

There has been a floodgate of news in past few days exposing how the fascists in the establishment media and social media are purposely manipulating their news reports to push disinformation and leftist propaganda on the American public. There can be no denial anymore that the today’s media is not interested in reporting the truth to fully inform the American public, but instead has become a tool of a fascist ruling class to control the American public by the dissemination of propaganda.

The scandal is not just that these so-called “journalists”feel no shame in their blatant attempts to manipulate public opinion. More telling is that the entire leftist establishment (academia, entertainment, politicians, big business, etc.) is completely supports this dissemination of disinformation and the suppression of news reporting that contradict with the “approved” narrative. Why has their been absolute silence by the “elites” and opinion makers in the Left on these media scandals? Are their no honest Leftist remaining?

By their actions the Left is proving on an almost daily basis that their goal is the accumulation of absolute uncontested political and economic power so that they can fundamentally transform the United States into a fascist totalitarian regime.

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One Reply to “Today’s Media: All the Disinformation Fit to Print”

  1. Dan Manturi

    THIS is exactly the problem. Lies, known lies, being repeatedly pushed through the pipeline and the LEFT flag waves it – when they are not burning the flag. What the hell are conservatives doing about it? I hope Trump starts a movement – not to run again but to garner support for truth. His 4 years revealed the depth of left wing corruption. He needs to find out WHO is driving it and reveal it. Good Americans are drowning in a sea of lies, labels, and street insurrection, and the lowest levels of our society are the benefactors.


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