Senator Rand Paul Takes George Stephanopoulos to Task for Forgetting his Role as a Journalist

One of the pernicious problems we have in the establishment media is the plethora of Leftist partisan hacks pretending to be journalists. Their constant slanting of the news to present only one side as being factual and the other side as nothing but lies distorts their role, which should be just to report on the events of the day so that the American public can be fully informed. Instead, these ‘journalists’ believe their role is to referees on what is the truth, or role for which they are woefully equipped.

One of the worst practitioners of this false journalism is George Stephanopoulos, a former press secretary for Bill Clinton who now masquerades as an objective political analyst for ABC News. For the past 15 years, Stephanopoulos has used his lofty perch as the host of ABC’s This Week gab fest to frame the news to fit the political narratives of the Democratic Party and the radical Left. His interviews with Democrat politicians are invariably filled with sympathetic questions while Republican politicians are approached with skepticism and browbeating to pressure them to concede to Democrat premises.

On this Sunday’s broadcast of This Week, Stephanapoulos used his old trick of trying to force his Republicans to accept his framing of the news. He started his interview with Sen. Rand Paul by calling for him to concede that it was a ‘fact’ that the presidential election was not stolen.

Refreshingly, Paul refused to accept Stephanopoulos’ bullying tactics and presented numerous actual facts that showed that there was indeed widespread evidence of fraud in the election that needs to be investigated. The interview became fiery as Stephanopoulos tried to talk over Paul and prevent him from presenting this evidence to the viewers.

Just as important, Paul called out Stephanopoulos for his distortion of his role as a journalist:

That’s the problem with the media today is they say all Republicans are liars, and everything we say is a lie. There are two sides to every story. Interview somebody on the other side, but don’t insert yourself into the story to say we’re all liars, because we do think there’s some fraud and the election needs to be fixed.

There are two sides to every story. George, you’re forgetting who you are. You’re forgetting who you are as a journalist if you think there’s only one side. You’re inserting yourself into the story to say I’m a liar because I want to look at election fraud and I want to look at secretaries of state who illegally changed the voter laws without the permission of their state legislatures. That is incontrovertible, it happened.

And you can’t just sweep it under the rug and say, ‘Oh, nothing to see here, and everybody is a liar and you’re a fool if you bring this up.’ You’re inserting yourself into the story. A journalist would hear both sides and there are two sides of a story.

One of the greatest lessons that President Trump has given to America is the need to counter the false narratives that are constantly being pushed by an establishment media that is allied with the Democrats. If the media ever wants to regain the trust that they lost with American public, they will have to return to reporting both sides of the story instead to just parroting the talking points of one side.

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