Biden Endorses Political Show Trial of Leader of the Political Opposition

Newly installed President Joe Biden came out in favor of conducting a political show trial of former President Trump. In an interview with CNN on Monday, Biden said that the trial of Trump in the US Senate “has to happen.” His remarks came the same night that Trump, now a private citizen, announced the creation of the ‘Office of the Former President.’ Trump will use the Office to continue his push of his pro-American agenda and to fight the fascist and racist policies of the Biden regime.

Donald Trump remains the most formidable opponent to the dystopian agenda being pushed by radicals now in charge of Washington. A hypothetical “Patriot Party” led by former President Donald Trump would win the support of almost a quarter — 23% — of the electorate, bumping the GOP down to third place with just 17%, according to a new Just the News poll with Scott Rasmussen

The timing of Biden’s about face on weighing in on the Senate ‘impeachment’ of Trump is a clear indication that he recognizes the danger that Trump’s continued presence in political arena has on the ability of Left to control the political dialogue in America. Biden is sacrificed any pretense of ‘unity’ to unleash a ‘two minutes hate’ against citizen Trump.

Biden’s about face also exposes how weak he is at resisting the radicals in his own party. According to CNN, Biden’s aides abandoned any idea of slowing or trying to manage the impeachment when they became aware that trying to do so could divide Democrats. If Biden is unable to set the direction of the party on a major issue such as this, is he really the leader of the party?

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One Reply to “Biden Endorses Political Show Trial of Leader of the Political Opposition”

  1. Dan Manturi

    Biden is an empty suit and always has been. I would bet good money that he had no clue what he was signing with any of those orders. Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, and whomever is behind the nonsense we see going on wrote those orders well before January 20. It will be soon that Biden is gone. Harris will be President and either Rice or Michelle Obama will be VP.


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