The Democrats Embark on a New Reign of Terror

The Democrats are applying all the worst lessons of history in their quest to consolidate unopposed totaliarian control on America. Earlier this week they decided to use the unruly occupation of the Capitol Builiding to create their own version of the Reichstag Fire. Now they have taken up a page from the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror as Speaker Pelosi calls for Republican members of Congress to be investigated and prosecuted for aiding the Capital rioters.

The inflammatory charge that Republican congressmen were aiding abetting an insurection is based on nothing more than the unsubstationated claim by Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill that she saw some unnamed congressmen giving “reconnaissance tours” the day before the Capitol takeover. It would not be unusual at all, in the wake of a large number of American citizens being in Washington for President Trump’s rally on the Ellipse, that a number of congressmen provided private tours of the Capital for their constituents. It is chilling that the Democrats are using what is normal activity to charge the opposition with sedition.

Pelosi is exploiting this opportunity to create fear among her Republican colleagues, now that all investigative and prosecutorial power will soon be consolidated in the hands of the Democrats, that they could face threats to their own liberty if they try to stand in the way of the new power structure. Republican politicians are being given notice that associating with MAGA supporters will be seen as the equivalent as associating with terrorist groups. The purpose is to create a wedge between the 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump and the GOP. This is just one more step, along with Big Tech’s shutting down conservative speech, to marginalize and disenfranchise all political opposition to their totalitarian goals.

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